Friday, October 28, 2011

#123: SEPHORA Stormy Pink & CHINA GLAZE Admire + KONAD M63

It's FRIDAY again! Shown here is another mani for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Enjoy your weekends~

I felt so sad that I accidentally broke my middle fingernail due to the car door and I had to chop down the remaining to nubs. I'm not ready to show my nubs cause I still think it's hideous, but hubby says it looks okay. It's all his fault. :( Anyway, I shall refrain from posting until I have achieve a nice length again.

Added on 04/12/2011: Thanks for visiting! Something special has happened in my life and it has taken up much of my time. I do not know for sure how long I'll be away from blogging this time. Anyway, thank you so much for your support! =)

Nail Color:
Sephora Stormy Pink

Konad M63

Stamping Color:
China Glaze Admire

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