Friday, October 28, 2011

#123: SEPHORA Stormy Pink & CHINA GLAZE Admire + KONAD M63

It's FRIDAY again! Shown here is another mani for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Enjoy your weekends~

I felt so sad that I accidentally broke my middle fingernail due to the car door and I had to chop down the remaining to nubs. I'm not ready to show my nubs cause I still think it's hideous, but hubby says it looks okay. It's all his fault. :( Anyway, I shall refrain from posting until I have achieve a nice length again.

Added on 04/12/2011: Thanks for visiting! Something special has happened in my life and it has taken up much of my time. I do not know for sure how long I'll be away from blogging this time. Anyway, thank you so much for your support! =)

Nail Color:
Sephora Stormy Pink

Konad M63

Stamping Color:
China Glaze Admire

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#122: SALLY HANSEN Espresso + KONAD M38

Happy Wednesday! It's mid week again. Shown here is Sally Hansen Espresso with some yellow ribbon. Picture was taken several days ago and I've forgotten to take a photo of it. Sorry for the bad lighting. Pestering my hubby to DIY me a light box. Hopefully he'll agree to it.

Don't wait till you're old to wear brown family color. It's classic to wear this when you're young, gals! =)

Nail Color:
Sally Hansen Espresso

Konad M38

Stamping Color:
Konad Special Polish in Yellow

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#121: Elianto Turquoise & ESSENCE Perfectly True + KONAD M79

I ran out of my Konad White Stamping Polish. Had to get another one soon. Not much to say today except that Elianto Turquoise is a very close Tiffany shade, well maybe a tad darker. The clouds signify my mood for today. It's cloudy almost everyday at the same hour. So predictable~ And I hate the after work traffic jam. Argh!!!

Nail Color:
Elianto Turquoise

Konad M79

Stamping Color:
Essence Perfectly True

Monday, October 24, 2011

#120: SKIN FOOD Pedicure Sparkle #09 + Nail Art

Ok, this Hello Kitty wasn't my idea. Someone posted a tutorial in youtube (cutepolish) and I couldn't resist to attempt this on my own. Hello Kitty on my thumb was a little not-so-perfect but who cares... I really had fun doing this~ Fun mani for a blue Monday. =)

Nail Color:
Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle #09

Decorated/Painted with:
Konad White Nail Art Pen (for Hello Kitty's face and the random dots on the rest of my fingers)
China Glaze Happy for Lucky (for Hello Kitty's nose)
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (for Hello Kitty's face outline and eyes)
Konad Special Polish in Red (for Hello Kitty's ribbon)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

#119: ESSENCE Perfectly True & INGLOT 302

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'm wearing pink to show my support. This was layered over a white cause this polish is super sheer. No nail art whatsoever just plain color. Talking about pink, there's a pink purse from Coach that is high on my want list as of now. And that purse is limited so I gotta make up my mind if I really wanted it. Sigh~ Decisions decisions...

Nail Color:
Essence Perfectly True
Inglot 302

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#118: ESSENCE Perfectly True & ESSIE Bright Tights + BUNDLE MONSTER BM13, BM-225, BM-223, BM-224

I think I found another white which may work on par with my go to staple white, Essie Blanc. Essence Perfectly True is quite easy to work with and I only needed 2 thin coat for opacity. However, it's layered over another polish this time. I'll see if I can remember to post this on it's own or maybe topped with a glittery polish on my coming post.

Bundle Monster have a variety of stamping plates for Halloween theme nails. If you don't have it, you should get yourself both sets cause it's really cheaper than Konad's stamping plates. Bundle Monster's shipping was pretty fast the last time I ordered.

Well this may be too early but I may not have time for this during Halloween as I might be away during that week. Eat, drink and be scary** Happy Halloween everyone~ =)

Nail Color:
Essence Perfectly True
Essie Bright Tights

Bundle Monster BM13 (pinky & thumb)
Bundle Monster BM-225 (index finger)
Bundle Monster BM-223 (middle finger)
Bundle Monster BM-224 (ring finger)

Stamping Color:
Beauty Gal Special Nail Paint in Black
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